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The Bodybuilder (free weights) - 8 weeks

The Bodybuilder (free weights) - 8 weeks


Introducing The Bodybuilder!

If your goal is to be able to see more muscle definition, get stronger, more agile, lose unwanted/stubborn fat, get healthier, feel younger/more confident, get a six pack, grow certain muscle groups, and feel excited each day for your workout, this program is for you!

Many clients come to me to put together a customized program for them that will help them either build muscle, lose fat, improve their range of motion and/or stability to avoid/recover from injury, get stronger, or because their current program is lacking/ boring/ repetitive. SO, I decided to create this specific program to address every one of those needs combined!


So what makes this program effective for YOU?

As a dedicated life long student, I utilize the knowledge I've learned from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and combine that with a decade of experience training myself and others to concoct an amazing recipe for a total body recomposition.



I combine multiple training phases in one program in order to adapt your body to many stimulus at once so not only do you become more fit/stronger/sexier, but you can move better overall! Training with the goal to improve your mobility promotes longevity which is everything! 


Is this program for both men and women?

Yes, this will absolutely transform any individual looking for a challenge. Man or woman, you will develop more endurance, power, strength, balance, and more.


This program is 8 weeks long- but feel free to complete at your own pace. Each week includes 4 days of workouts that can all be completed in an hour which include a full warm up and cool down to prepare your body and also prevent injury/enhance recovery.

Each day follows a different split to maximize muscle confusion so no workout is every repeated twice. You will see workouts that train separate muscle groups, push/pull days, core/balance/plyo days, and also powerlifting days- remember to take rest days when needed and go at your own pace with this. IT IS INTENSE :)

Most workouts are in superset fashion (perform each exercise in vertical order and then repeat for the number of sets). The number of reps for each exercise precedes the exercise title. If pyramid system is used where reps decrease each set (ex. 12/8/6 reps) then increase load/weight each set. If reps increase each set (ex. 8/10/12 reps), decrease load/weight each set.


What do you get with this program?

An ebook that never expires with 8 weeks of workouts/4 workouts per week/ 1 hour in length each. Videos demos for each workout are located in the TITLE of the workout. *Click the title of the workout to be directed to the videos.


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