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About me
My mission


Brooke W. Stubbs


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Nutritionist & CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

My coaching style:

I coach strength training, olympic lifting, functional fitness, constantly varied high intensity fitness, bodybuilding, corrective and post rehabilitation exercise, and nutrition/diet/supplementation. 

Will I be a good fit for you:

I am experienced in working with all experience levels and all ages. No matter your goal I will make sure you're stronger and more knowledgeable every day.  I will hold you to a high standard that I also set for myself. With that being said, you will really benefit from our coaching no matter what your goal is and no matter who you are.

For testimonials, simply search "liftwyse" on google, see the bottom of the homepage, or add me on instagram and check out my highlight "testimonials".

My Mission:

I have always known I was meant to do what I do. I felt it in my heart and manifested it into reality against any odds and doubts. Why? Because I knew if I didn't go after what my gut was pushing me towards day in and day out, one day I would look back and have deep regret for all of the lives I didn't touch. Life is short, and we have ONE SHOT at it, so it's so important to live our BEST and follow our dreams and take our goals ever SO seriously! If we don't, who will? If not now, when will we?

Whether your goal to lose 50 pounds so that you can a better role model for your kids, love who you are in the mirror, quit comparing yourself to others, feel good about yourself, feel young again, take back control of your life, gain muscle and finally get over a plateau, or a mixture of those goals, it all begins with the decision to take all of your strength, courage and determination and fearlessly move one step forward knowing that failure is NOT an option for you but just a way to learn! Soon those frightful steps forward will not be your struggle, they will be your journey. 

Sadly there's no easy way to any destination worthwhile. Even when you are tired and want to quit with everything inside of you because it HURTS and it's hard, you have to believe in yourself.  It's your job to believe in yourself and have the courage to succeed. 

If you're looking for a life coach or just a health coach who is determined to stand by your side in this battle and help you crush your goals while educating you each day on biomechanics, nutrition, self love, and so much more, fill out the online questionnaire below and let's get started on your journey to your BEST and STRONGEST life.


Remember there is NO EXCUSE to put your journey to better health off no matter how inconvenient it may feel,  because our health is ALL WE GOT and everything else comes second to YOU.



live long. 

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